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We asked a neural network to tell us about history and places that never were. A fascinating experiment into the imagination and accuract of neural network text generators. They can write, but can they tell the truth? Read More

Get to know the tiny nations that hope to make it big on the world stage. Micronations are the empire that everyone can build. Read More

Utopian Societies

Many have written about what the ideal state should like. Some brave and often crazy people have actually attempted to build their own utopias. Read More

English Literature

Encyclopedia of English Literature - An overview of the main periods and movements in English literature prior to 1900, together with links to short biographical sketches of the principal authors. This section is the first section of a planned encyclopedia.


No animal or bird was safe from the enormous appetite of Roman Emperors. Thousands of exotic cratures, from the rarest animals to the most disgusting delicacies could be slaughtered for a single meal. Read More

Raised by Wolves

From Romulus and Remus to more modern times, history is full of accounts of children being raised by wolves or other wild animals. Could these stories be true?

Ancient Antigravity Devices

An amazing account of an antigravity device from Ancient India


Meet the weird and grotesque creatures that inhabited the fringes of the known world, and the Medieval mind.

Artifical Language

Tthe weird and unusual attempts to create the perfect universal language, and the Babel they inadvertendtly created.